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Over the year, the 25 richest families have increased their capital by $ 300 billion

Despite a pandemic that has badly changed the lifestyles of most people around the world, the world’s 25 richest families have benefited from massive liquidity, skyrocketing stock markets and tax policies. So, over the past year, their collective fortune has grown by $ 312 billion.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, after a 22 percent rise in their combined wealth since August last year, the world’s 25 richest families have combined net worth of $ 1.7 trillion.

Walmart’s success has kept the Waltons ahead of two of the most successful billionaires of our time, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In fact, this is the richest family on Earth, whose capital is $ 100 billion more than the Mars family, which occupy the second place in terms of wealth.

The Walton and Mars families made the most profits in the previous year as governments and central banks pumped cash into countries, which boosted online sales of food, clothing, footwear, and pet food.

With years of policies to support the highest-income people, Arizona lawyer and tax consultant Bob Lord sees nothing unexpected in this.

It was the perfect storm for amassing wealth, said Lord.

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The lawyer believes that at the heart of this accumulation is a tax policy that allowed the rich to pay absurdly low income tax rates, exploiting numerous inheritance tax loopholes and constant reductions in income tax rates.

In general, the dynasties listed on Bloomberg come from different sectors and geographic regions. Increased online trading has benefited the Johnson family of Fidelity Investments, headquartered in Boston.

The richest family in Asia, Ambani, made a big profit as a result of the transition to green and digital technologies, and the Hermes family, which owns a French fashion house, also managed to increase assets by 75% to $ 112 billion.

The listed families did not include first-generation billionaires, and there is no exact data on the Rockefeller family, since it is not possible to track all of their assets.

Interestingly, in the United States, President Biden and the Democrats have taken the initiative to raise taxes for both wealthy people and large organizations. In particular, there may be an increase in capital gains tax and income tax rates, and new rules may also be introduced that will make it difficult to transfer assets to heirs without paying taxes.

If we talk about our country, the government did not support the bill of the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Valery Rashkin, which obliges officials to provide information about each purchase of a luxury item, which includes works of art, jewelry and antiques. An important condition is the excess of the total amount of transactions of the total income of the civil servant and his wife (spouse).

At the moment, officials must report on the purchase of land and real estate, cars and other types of transport, securities, stocks and digital currency.

As noted in the government, the text of the bill lacks a definition of a luxury item, which “will lead to difficulties in law enforcement practice”.